Top 5 new, generic Top Level Domains (ngTLDs) right now

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22 October, 2018
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Many new generic top level domains have been released in recent years.

Dotkeeper has listed the five most popular endings right now, based on registration data.

  1. At the top of our list we find the ending .top; this domain name is both on top of the list and it communicates that you are, in fact, on top!
  2.  Whether you are financing a new car or buying a new house, it all requires money. Therefore, loans are an essential part of many people’s lives. In a second place, the TLD .loan, a top-level domain that suits all lenders;
  3.  Perhaps best known as Alphabet Inc’s Top Level Domain is the ending .xyz, where they registered the short and sweet address At times, the Top Level Domain has also been distributed free of charge and has therefore become very popular. Maybe that’s why it took the third place in this Top five list?
  4.  The Scholarship Numberten, developed by Volvo, will donate 1 million SEK to a person or initiative that develops Swedish football. Fun fact is that Volvo chose the ending .club;
  5. Do you want a top-level domain that works in over 24 languages and shows that you are online? Then register

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