The Carpenter’s Apprentice

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25 November, 2011

After five weeks of practise at my home office, I have started to think of myself as a carpenter’s apprentice. We both need to be good at handling a myriad of tools, we need an immense amount of practise in order be proficient in the craftsmanship, and, not to forget – a very patient supervisor.

Fortunately, all this is provided at Awapatent. During the first seminar weeks of the specialist program we were introduced to many useful tools required for being a modern IP consultant. The home office period that followed gave me the opportunity to acquaint myself with my very skilled senior colleagues. With their help I put my newly acquired knowledge into practise.

The second seminar period will, among other things, go deeper into the crucial art of drafting patent claims and applications. We will also learn more about the relations between the consultant and the client, how to understand the client’s needs and to meet the client’s expectations. In other words – learn how to be a modern IP consultant, not only skilled in the craftsmanship of drafting, but also to be good at understanding business and strategies in order to deliver qualified advice.

So, now when I begin to know the name of the tools and where to find them in my tool box, I really look forward to learn more about how to use them. And after that, just like the carpenter’s apprentice – back to the craftsmanship training.

Pontus Falk, Associate

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