Is 1 April 2023 the date for entry into force of the Unitary Patent?

On 6 October, the UPC Preparatory team published information that they are currently planning for entry into force of the UPC Agreement on 1 April 2023, with the Unified Patent Court (UPC) opening its doors and starting to receive cases as from that date.

If that plan holds, this will also be the day from which the EU legislation on a Unitary Patent is applicable. With the Unitary Patent, a patentee requesting unitary effect for its European Patent will receive protection in 17 EU member states through one single request with the EPO.

The UPC will be the common court for litigating a Unitary Patent, and it will eventually have exclusive competence for civil litigation related to all European Patents in the covered states. The UPC’s rulings will hold in every country that has ratified the UPC agreement, and the court is available for both revocation and infringement actions.

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